Pelican Bay Condominiums
about pelican bay naplesPelican Bay is where nature reconciles with the marvels of architecture to make life pleasant and easy for the residents. Pelican Bay condominiums are opulent and stylish in every detail. Both the interior and the exterior spaces of the condos convey a strong aesthetic appeal that fits perfectly into the modern housing preferences. The units are well-maintained by reputed home improvement service providers who ensure that the drainage, heating and lighting systems are in perfect order before the sale. New owners should expect neat and well-painted walls without any peelings or signs of rot on the walls and ceilings. Buyers have multiple options to choose from depending on their preferences in matters size, location, prices and aesthetics. Condominiums for sale in Pelican Bay have a distinctive facade that inclines to the community’s tradition of excellence.


Pelican Bay Condominiums are conveniently located close to various amenities that include swimming pools, gymnasiums, basketball courts and amusement parks. The amenities are kept in excellent condition and ready for use all the time. The Club Pelican Bay golf course is well-maintained and readily accessible to residents from different parts of the city. The estate managers always ensure that the facilities are kept neat and safe for regular usage. One advantage of residing in Pelican Bay is that there is little pressure on the usage of the facilities since the area is less populated. Most of the residents are small families or single individuals who put little pressure on the shared resources. For the most part, Pelican Bay is a small peaceful community that enjoys the harmony of its diversity and the tranquil allure of the environment.

The Beautiful Surroundings

Buying a condominium in Pelican Bay is an opportunity to enjoy the glories of nature. Pelican Bay condominiums are located at points that allow the residents to enjoy the splendor of the Pelican Bay Preserve, the Gulf of Mexico, the fresh water lakes and the lush landscaping. Moreover, the abundance of vegetation around the city gives the condominiums a distinctive air of freshness, which promotes good health and calm relaxation. The sidewalks and road networks of the city translate into the advantage of convenience for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The proper planning of the condominiums leaves sufficient space for children to play about without disrupting the neighborhood. The availability of ample parking spaces makes life in the community very convenient.

Shopping and Security
Pelican Bay offers its residents multiple shopping alternatives for different types of goods and services. Among the most reputed shopping centers that serve the community are Waterside Shops, The Village on Venetian Bay, Coast-land Center, Pavilion Shopping Center and Tin City Shops. These centers are within reach from different sections of the locality. The centers are well resourced and stocked with various necessities that include clothing, drugs, toys, groceries, pizza, photography services, locksmith services, home maintenance services and other items that the residents may require. Pelican Bay is one of the safest places in Florida with official statistics fostering the impression of relative calm. Security matters are handled by Pelican Bay Police Department.