Real Estate in Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay High Rises

Pelican Bay high rises offer its residents the best views in the entire community. The condo buildings stand with at least eight stories, with penthouse units at the top-most levels. Aside from its magnificent views, Pelican Bay high rises also offer world class amenities. Pelican Bay high rises are perfect for those looking for a luxurious, maintenance-free living. Click on the link to search for a high rise condo in Pelican Bay. Click Here to Search High Rises in Pelican Bay


Homes for sale in Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay Homes

Pelican Bay homes are some of the most beautiful homes not only in the Naples area, but also in the entire south western coast of Florida. There are a number of neighborhoods in Pelican Bay that are composed of custom single family homes. These private and secluded enclaves boast of awe-inspiring architecture, breath taking views and utmost privacy. Start your search here for a home in Pelican Bay.
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Pelican Bay condos for sale

Pelican Bay Condos

Pelican Bay condos are perfect for people who want the perfect balance between a carefree & luxurious lifestyle and practicality. Condos are known for the convenience they provide for people who no longer want to bother with maintenance that is associated with owning your own home. These condos are slightly more affordable than high rises. Search here for the condo units available in Pelican Bay.
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Villas in Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay Villas

Pelican Bay villas are nostalgic masterpieces of architecture. They were not only built with classy designs in great detail, but also completed with various lifestyle amenities that will surely give anyone a pleasant stay. These villas in Pelican Bay are also great for those who crave for maintenance free living as well as the kind of privacy and seclusion that can only be provided by a single family home.
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