Stepping on the soils of Pelican Bay feels like nothing before. The natural beauty makes you feel like you don’t know much about what this world can offer regarding beauty. If you have no idea why some people prefer living in the forest, then the majestic live oaks, slash pines, and many other beautiful native vegetation might change your perception about nature.

Pelican Bay community is not only a place to visit but a place to consider when choosing a vacation destination. Pelican Bay is a place you’ll find the term boredom hard to pronounce. To live here would be a dream. The homes and Pelican Bay condos for sale are some of the most in demand in the Naples Florida area. The simple yet highly decorated landscape offers more fun than you can manage in one day and if you’re are a golfer, you might as well call it a haven. To get a clear understanding of why this place remains to be among the places any tourist will never regret having visited, here is a list activity you can do in Pelican Bay.

Whether you are a pro golfer, an amateur or just a fanatic, Pelican Bay will leave you dumbfounded. The evergreen golf courses explain it all. The Club at Pelican Bay offers more than what you can imagine. It comes with two golf courses that have up to 36 holes in total as well as renovated greenside bunkers.

The staff is always there to make your visit fun and memorable, and if you think they are there to give you an orientation, then you might confuse them with clowns trying to entertain you. Their main duty is to ensure your trip to Pelican Bay remains one of the things you treasure in your diary and according to most visitors, they do it best.

You don’t have to worry about what you’ll be spending. The club offers a variety of packages that suits your budget as well as your vision. The club also provides a variety of lessons for anyone that needs them in private. It is owned by members and is located in the Pelican Bay community that is in Naples Florida.



If you like tennis then visiting Pelican Bay might be one of your best achievements. There are more than nine tennis courts you’ll find at Pelican Bay South Tennis Center at 6249 Pelican Bay Blvd, Naples Florida. This is a place to test your tennis skills. You’ll be meeting up, teaming up and playing against some of the professional players in the area. The place also offers you a chance to learn more skills from the pros.


Croquet is among the less popular games that anyone can enjoy. Instead of idling doing nothing, the club at Pelican Bay offers a USCA speck croquet court that is available for each and every member of the club free of charge. You can get the Mallets as well as balls at the golf shop in the area.


The Club at Pelican Bay isn’t just a golf club. Apart from offering you more than enough activities you can enjoy, it is also an entertainment center. Their event calendar is jammed with special occasion parties for guests to enjoy. Everyone is invited to enjoy the privileges by becoming part of the Pelican Golf Club’s special family.


If you have a family, then this is the safest place they can be. You don’t have to worry about what they’ll be doing. The Club at Pelican Bay offers more than enough family events they can enjoy. You’ll also get a chance to interact and have fun with many more families that will have come to visit the place.

In summary, Pelican Bay is not only a place to consider a tourist attraction but a place that is meant to make your trip to Naples, Florida memorable. The place is full of enjoyable activities; there is everything for everyone, and most importantly, the professional staff understands what fun means to a new visitor. They are always ready to work with you, guide you through every step and most importantly, keep you updated on what is coming. The place is much friendlier than most places in Florida and quite affordable for anyone. According to most of those who have visited the place, no place can match what Pelican Bay has to offer.